Tentoonstelling Jacob Jensen Design

zaterdag 21 april 2012, 15:00 - vrijdag 11 mei 2012, 18:00 uur

Het Apeldoornse bedrijf DZU is leverancier van uitvaartkisten. In het kader van hun productinnovatie hebben zij voor de Nederlandse markt het recht verkregen om de Diamant serie ontworpen door Jacob Jensen Design exclusief te mogen verkopen. Ter gelegenheid hiervan houden we deze expositie met een aantal uitvaartkisten aangevuld met andere producten zoals die door Jacob Jensen Design ontworpen zijn.

About Jacob Jensen Design:
Jacob Jensen Design is an experience of value portrayed through a range of lifestyle products containing pure lines, simple forms and contrasts of light and dark. Jacob Jensen and his son, Timothy Jacob Jensen are two generations of Danish designers who, for more than fifty years, have contributed to the aesthetics of daily life and pleasure by designing products for everyday use, filled with ideas, radical purity and quiet beauty. Timothy Jacob Jensen took over management of Jacob Jensen Design from his legendary father in 1990.
The Jacob Jensen Design studio’s growing list of more than 700 designs, all of which have been set in production, is joined by the Diamant series. A list including everything from kitchens and stoves to watches, eyewear, weather stations, furniture, kitchen equipment, a dinner service, filing cabinets, wind turbines and cars. The iconic style of Jacob Jensen Design has stood the test of time in the homes of generations of Danes from the 1960s to the present day. A style which has won the studio numerous international awards and which, more than any other studio, has opened the eyes of the world to the attractions of quiet Scandinavian beauty. A unique blend of form and function has made Jacob Jensen Design as innovative as they are unique for five decades.